The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands and the human role in their future.

Our response to controversies as they arise is to provide information that helps people to make their own informed decisions. We pledge to educate the public by offering the most up-to-date, accurate wolf information possible.

Education may not translate into immediate action, but it does result in reevaluation and change. As people gain knowledge and appreciation of wolves and their place as predators in the ecosystem, they can become concerned about wolf survival and recovery. Decades of research have unveiled multitudes of facts about this species. That research, used in public education, has motivated people to help and to allow wolves to begin reclaiming small portions of their former habitat.

Wolf educators are challenged to deal with complex issues: reintroduction of the species into Yellowstone, population control in Alaska and Canada, bounties, livestock depredation, the tragedy of a pet wolf-dog hybrid's attack on a child. Each is more sensational, more conducive to emotionalism, more provocative to the media than the last.

We who want knowledge about wolves need clear, thoughtful presentation of the facts and issues involved. That is exactly what the International Wolf Center seeks to provide. The study of wolf survival continues to include the study of human tolerance. It is hard for people to tolerate or to respect what they are raised to fear. The wolf problem is a people problem. We need everyone's help to solve it.

You can help solve the problem by supporting the International Wolf Center in the following ways:

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With your support, we can spread the facts about wolves and work to ensure their survival around the globe.