Ethogram Flash Drive
Ethogram Flash Drive

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Ethology is the study of behavior and to help an observer record typical behavior of a species, ethologists will utilize an Ethogram. Whatís an Ethogram? It is best described as a catalog of defined behaviors that allow multiple observers to code behavioral observations with a similar name, allowing better understanding of a species. The Centerís Ethogram provides a historical reference to each of our ambassador wolves since our first exhibit in 1989.

Emphasis is on behaviors commonly expressed among the Centerís wolves which include:
  • Social rank order behavior
  • Food-related possession, caching and defending
  • Exploratory investigations
  • Pack rallies and aggressive arousal
  • Marking behavior and wolf communication
The Ethogram contains over 280 photos and 145 video clips on an 8 GB flash card measuring 2" x 3.25" in size.