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1319   11" AK Forest Backpack
1318   13" In N Out Hand Puppet Wolf
5482   2016 Embroidery Patch with loop
1190   2017 Wolves Calendar
1385   24 oz Gray Wolf Tumbler
1412   3 Wolf Head Frame
533   3D Wolf Lenticular Puzzle
1437   4 Wolf Cork Coasters with Caddy
1376   4" Wolf Trinket Box
408p   Adventure Wolf T-shirt by The Mountain
1508p   Advice from a Wolf T-Shirt
5355   Aluminum Water Bottle - Red
9809p   Ambassador Wolf Adoption Kits
6510   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Aidan
6511   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Denali
6513   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Luna with Moose Jawbone
6509   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Pups Aidan and Denali
6508   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Retired Pack
6514   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Tired Pups
7210   Ashes Wolf Plush
7203   Atka Wolf Plush
7405   Bear Puppet
817-parent   Become a Member - Outside U.S.
816p   Become a Member - United States
7368p   Birds of Prey Fretwork Magnets
5353   Born to be Wild Shot Glass-Black
5337   Brewmaster Glass with Logo
1356   Camp Activity Book
1351   CAMP Board Game
1353   Camp Travel Edition Game
5350p   Camper Mug with Logo
3605   Catch Me if You Can II DVD
514p   Chat Packs
8468   Cobalt Logo Shot Glass
4427   Constellation Guide Tags
1432   Copper Howling Wolf Bracelet
549   Cork Coaster Caddy
7223   Dancer Wolf Plush
6610p   Denim Long Sleeve Shirt with Logo
1600   Eagle Flight Necklace
342p   Embroidered Born to be Wild Cap
1234   Ethogram Flash Drive
1291p   Falling Stars T-Shirt by The Mountain
1042p   Find 10 Wolves T-Shirt by The Mountain
1358   Fishing Camp Board Game
5Bucks-P   Five Bucks CAN Make a Difference!
1284p   Forest Spirit T-shirt by The Mountain
1587   Full Moon Wolf Earrings
839p   Gift Membership - OUTSIDE U.S.
838p   Gift Membership - UNITED STATES
945   Gray Wolf Collage Travel Mug
1634p   Guardian of the North T-Shirt by The Mountain
1354   Hit the Trail Travel Game
566p   Holiday Swedish Dishcloths
1359   HOWL Adult Coloring Book
1523   Howling Wolf Cut-Out Figurine
1367   Howling Wolf Earrings
7359   Howling Wolf Fretwork Magnet
1436   Howling Wolf Pill Box by Lynn Bean
1374   Howling Wolf Sandstone Coaster Set
1370   Howling Wolf Wire Bracelet
1365   Howling Wolf with Petroglyph Earrings
1603   Ice Crystal Necklace
1586   Jade Wolf Necklace
1463   Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7
1602   Labradorite Necklace
450   Ladies Born to be Wild T-Shirt - Small - Sapphire
880p   Ladies Global Wolf Raglan Shirt
5311-parent   Lanyard - International Wolf Center Exclusive
1239p   Logo Wear Heather T-Shirt
314p   Logo Wear Hooded Sweatshirt
290p   Logo Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirt
1326p   Logo Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Forest Green
1327p   Logo Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Navy
269p   Logo Wear T-Shirt
1588   Lumber Jill Earrings
1372   Lynn Bean Leather Wolf Bracelet
3208   Magnetic Poetry Kit
3207   Magnetic Poetry Kit - Boltz
3206   Magnetic Poetry Kit - Luna
1573   Maple Leaf Necklace
5345   Metal Die-Cut Ornament with Logo
1604   Midnight Wolf Necklace
5206   mini soapstone wolf
4561   Mission: Wolf Rescue
1360   Moonlight Warrior Puzzle - 1000 Pieces
Donation-1   My Donation
1357   Natural Twig Coloring Pencils
4419   Northwoods Animals Scat Tags
4421   Northwoods Track Tags
597   Northwoods Wolf Ornament
5403   Oval Glass Paperweight
1299p   Patriotic Wolfpack T-Shirt by The Mountain
1575   Pearle Amulet Necklace
1582   Pearle Bear Charm
1578   Pearle Bear Pin
3110   Pearle Lapel Pin
1583   Pearle Moose Charm
1577   Pearle Moose Necklace
1580   Pearle Moose Pin
1574   Pearle Unity Necklace
1576   Pearle Waterfall Necklace
1581   Pearle Wildlife Charm Bracelet
3097   Pearle Wolf Bracelet
3104   Pearle Wolf Keychain
3099   Pearle Wolf Necklace
1579   Pearle Wolf Pin
3105   Pearle Wolf Post Earrings
3111   Pearle Wolf Ring
2913   Predator Friendly Cream Wolf Border Hat
2914   Predator Friendly Dark Gray Wolf Border Hat
2908   Predator Friendly Wolf in Snow Hat
2905p   Predator Friendly Wool Hats
1449   Rainbow Earrings
1598   Rainbow Fluorite Drop Necklace
1453   Rainbow Pendant
5331   Red Tumbler with Straw
819-parent   Renew Membership - Outside U.S.
818-parent   Renew Membership - United States
1528   Running Wolves Wolf Frame
1355   S'mores Card Game
8355-parent   Scoop Neck T-Shirt - Apple
8350-parent   Scoop Neck T-Shirt - Black
1183p   Siblings T-Shirt by the Mountain
1364   Silent Travelers Puzzle - 275 pieces
1428   Silver Howling Wolf Necklace
1429   Silver Tribal Wolf Necklace
1177p   Singing Lessons T-Shirt by The Mountain
1270p   Snow Wolf T-Shirt by The Mountain
1567   Spirit Feather Earrings
1606   Standing Wolf Box - Medium
1605   Standing Wolf Box - Small
5412   Standing Wolf Sculpture - Medium
548   Star Chart Blank Journal
3297   Sterling Silver Night and Day Earrings - Metal Arts Group
4398   Summer of the Wolves by Polly Carlson-Voiles, Hard Cover
4397   Summer of the Wolves by Polly Carlson-Voiles, Soft Cover
8061   Superior National Forest Map
384p   Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt by The Mountain
1352   Toasted or Roasted Card Game
1439   Together, We are Family Book
8060   Tracking Wild Wolves
4425   Tree Guide Tags
1263p   Triad T-shirt by The Mountain
7209   Tyson Plush Wolf
903p   Unisex Global Wolf T-Shirt
7537   What's for Dinner Panoramic Magnet
6668   Wild Wolves We Have Known - 2nd Printing
4426   Wildflower Guide Tags
1373p   Wildlife Cork Coasters - 8 Designs
8277   Wildlife Toob
1569   Wind Chime Earrings
1369   Wolf and Paw Prints Circle Earrings
1362   Wolf Connection Puzzle - 350 pieces
SingleDonation   Wolf Donation
6192   Wolf Flipbook
7357   Wolf Fretwork Magnet
1529   Wolf Head Hook
590   Wolf Howl Pocket Knife
1505   Wolf Land
1599   Wolf Medicine Stone Necklace
1361   Wolf Pack Puzzle - 1000 pieces
1277p   Wolf Sunset T-Shirt by The Mountain
5208   Wolf Track Wish Stone
1368   Wolf with Paw Print Earrings
1506   Wolfer: A Memoir
4550   Wolves Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation by L. David Mech & Luigi Boitani
6665   Wolves on the Hunt
6106   Wolves Playing Cards
1524   Wolves Playing Figurine
603   Wooden Key Racks - Maple Leaves
602   Wooden Key Racks - Wilderness Hiker
365   Youth Cool Raptors T-Shirt - Medium
370p   Youth Hunter's Moon T-Shirt

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