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803p   "Hungry like the Wolf" Apron
4151   "Midnight Watch" Stained Glass
4155   "Midnight Wolves" 3-panel Glass
579   "Proud Eagle" Stained Glass
4154   "Wolf Pack" Small Candle Votive
527p   1000 Piece Puzzle
3801   2015 Ambassador Wolves Wall Calendar
5481   2015 Embroidered Patch w/ Loop
501   2016 Ambassador Wolves Calendar
9213   3-D Eagle Puzzle
550   3D A New Dawn Bookmark
6502   3D Alpha Male Bookmark
6503   3D Bookmark - Leader of the Pack
551   3D Wolf Dream Catcher Bookmark
6512   3D Wolf Poster
530p   500 Piece Puzzle
8480p   7-in-1 Tool - for adult use
892   A Friend for Lakota
9800p   Adoption Kit
1063   Adult Happy Wolf T-Shirt - Large
1061p   Adult Happy Wolf T-Shirt by The Mountain
71102p   Alani Akha Beaded Bracelet
5355p   Aluminum Water Bottle
4535   Amazing Animals: Eagles
6510   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Aidan
6511   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Denali
6513   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Luna with Moose Jawbone
6509   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Pups Aidan and Denali
6508   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Retired Pack
6514   Ambassador Wolf Poster - Tired Pups
4580   Animal Tracks - Midwest Edition
4520   Animal Tracks Activity Book
4521   Animal Tracks of the Midwest Playing Cards
3547p   Aurora Circle T-Shirt
7351   Bald Eagle License Plate
583   Bald Eagle Pathfinder Necklace
535   Bandit Racoon Plush by Ty - Medium
536   Bandit Racoon Plush by Ty - Small
7405   Bear Puppet
7248   Beaver Plush 8"
817-parent   Become a Member - Outside U.S.
816p   Become a Member - United States
7368p   Birds of Prey Fretwork Magnets
376   Birds of Prey Magnet
4523   Birds of Prey of the Midwest
4522   Birds of Prey of the Midwest Field Guide
4560   Birds: Capturing the Wild
628p   Black & White Wolves by The Mountain
7390p   Blair Cedar Wolf Box
1007   Blue Tumbler w/ Handsome Wolf Pocket Pal Journal, Pen, & Treats
5332   Blue Tumbler with Straw
9544   Blueberry Muffin Hot Pad
8482-parent   Boltz or Luna Can Cooler with Mission Statement
8486-parent   Boltz or Luna Mousepad with Mission Statement
5357   Born to be Wild Café Grandé Mug
480p   Born to be Wild Full-Zip Hoodie
5353   Born to be Wild Shot Glass-Black
199p   Born to be Wild Sweatshirt
5337   Brewmaster Glass with Logo
7244   Bright Eyes Wolf 7"
3070   Bronze Leaping Frog Pendant
3109   Bronze Raven in Flight Pendant by Cavin Richie
3056   Bronze Raven Pendant
3059   Bronze Running Wolf Earrings
3108   Bronze Standing Raven Pin by Cavin Richie
3069   Bronze Wolf in Moon Post Earrings
534   Brownie Bear Plush by Ty - Medium
7291   Brownie Bear Plush by Ty - Small
538   Buckwheat Lynx Plush by Ty - Medium
539   Buckwheat Lynx Plush by Ty - Small
5350p   Camper Mug with Logo
5351   Camper Mug with Logo - Cobalt Blue
5358   Camper Mug with Logo - Green
5359   Camper Mug with Logo - Plum
2481p   Canvas Messenger Bag with Logo - Pick a Color
3605   Catch Me if You Can II DVD
514p   Chat Packs
1005   Children's Gift Set
2480   Classic Logo Bandana
269p   Classic Logo Wear T-Shirt
9206   Claw Replica Set - Canids
1002   Coasters & Drinkware Gift Set
1013   Coffee for Two
3190   Common Loon Pathfinder Necklace
4427   Constellation Guide Tags
594   Cuddlekins Bald Eagle
692   Cuddlekins Mini Wolf
6610p   Denim Long Sleeve Shirt with Logo
3611   Dogs Decoded DVD
4525   Eagle Blank Journal
585   Eagle Head Pathfinder Necklace
7410   Eagle Night Light
3300   Eagle Spirit West Earrings
342p   Embroidered Born to be Wild Cap
211p   Embroidered Logo Baseball Cap
2964-parent   Embroidered Patch Logo Caps
7391   Emerging Wolves Wooden Box
5321   Etched Glass Frame with International Wolf Center Logo
503   Finnish Woodland Animals Table Runner
4429   Fish Guide Tags
5Bucks-P   Five Bucks CAN Make a Difference!
6195   Flipbook - Bald Eagle
7406   Fox Puppet
5467   Gangs All Here Tin Sign
839-parent   Gift Membership - Outside U.S.
838-parent   Gift Membership - United States
4112   Glass Bead BWCA Pendant
5329   Glass Votive with Logo
586   Gold Eagle Pathfinder Necklace
7343   Gray Wolf Cabin Sign
7353   Gray Wolf Canvas Art
7347   Gray Wolf Car Magnet
7348   Gray Wolf Clock
943   Gray Wolf Collage Clock
966   Gray Wolf Collage iPhone 6 Case
945   Gray Wolf Collage Travel Mug
7342   Gray Wolf Cutting Board
7350   Gray Wolf License Plate
3192   Gray Wolf Pathfinder Necklace
7243   Gray Wolf Plush - Large
7242   Gray Wolf Plush - Small
7345   Gray Wolf Porch Thermometer
7344   Gray Wolf Salt & Pepper Shakers
5334   Green Logo Mug
1011   Green Tumbler w/ Pocket Pal Journal, Pen, & Treats
5333   Green Tumbler with Straw
3159   Green Wolf Charm Window Whimsie
7402   Grey Squirrel Finger Puppet
7390   Grooved Wolf Wooden Box
675p   Happy Wolf Hooded Sweatshirt by The Mountain
566p   Holiday Swedish Dishcloths
3980p   International Wolf Center Logo Polo
4547   Intriguing Owls
1909   Inukshuk Necklace - Nickel by Monague
595   Itsy Bitsy Wolf
71201p   Jane Akha Thin Cuff Bracelet
71201   Jane Akha Thin Cuff Bracelet - Turquoise
4576   John Muir: My Life With Nature
155P   Ladies Born to be Wild T-Shirt
748p   Ladies Feather Lite Fleece Jacket
880p   Ladies Global Wolf Raglan Shirt
923p   Ladies Global Wolf V-Neck T-Shirt
893p   Ladies Leader of the Pack Hoodie
724p   Ladies Soft Shell Jacket - Black
5311-parent   Lanyard - International Wolf Center Exclusive
716   Large Eagle Puppet
3315   Laser Carved Eagle Earrings
3313   Laser Carved Oval Wolf Earrings
3314   Laser Carved Owl Earrings
3316   Laser Carved Squirrel Earrings
3151-parent   Laser Engraved Dreamboxes - 5 Designs
860p   Leader of the Pack Crew Neck Sweatshirt
870p   Leader of the Pack Raglan Sweatshirt
8500   Limited Edition Boltz and Luna Print
5414p   Lodge Lights
5475   Logo Dog Tag Keyring or Zipper Pull
5471   Logo Tie Tac Pin
5335   Logo Travel Mug
314p   Logo Wear Hooded Sweatshirt
290p   Logo Wear Long Sleeve T-Shirt
613   Logo Wear T-Shirt - Extra Large Military Green
612   Logo Wear T-Shirt - Large Military Green
610   Logo Wear T-Shirt - Small Military Green
227p   Long Live the Wolf T-Shirt
2144p   Loving Wolves T-Shirt by The Mountain
3208   Magnetic Poetry Kit
3207   Magnetic Poetry Kit - Boltz
3206   Magnetic Poetry Kit - Luna
4526   Majestic Eagles Book
5216   Marble Stones
762p   Men's Feather Lite Fleece Jacket
730p   Men's Soft Shell Jacket
5287   Metal License Plate Frame
6199   Mini Liquid Timer
5206   mini soapstone wolf
5460   Minnesota Wildlife Puzzle
4561   Mission: Wolf Rescue
3212p   Monague Beaded Bracelet
3211   Monague Eagle Dreamcatcher
1903   Monague Eagle Jewlery Set
1902   Monague Eagle Pewter Earrings
1901   Monague Eagle Pewter Necklace
6191   Moose Flipbook
7352   Moose License Plate
3191   Moose Pathfinder Necklace
570   Mother Wolf and Pup Wall Décor
Donation-1   My Donation
547   Nebula Blank Journal
528   Nesting Eagles Puzzle
4578   Night Sky - A Field Guide to the Constellations
7249   North American Nature Tube
924   Northern Lights Guide: A Guide to Nature's Spectacular Light Show
4419   Northwoods Animals Scat Tags
4421   Northwoods Track Tags
597   Northwoods Wolf Ornament
5403   Oval Glass Paperweight
266p   Overdyed Logo Wear T-Shirt
6196   Owl Flipbook
7404   Owl Puppet
382   Owls of the North

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