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Hidden Life of Wolves by Jim & Jamie Dutcher - Hardcover
Our Price: $25.00

Delve into amazingly intimate wolf photography by Jim and Jamie Dutcher,
a couple who spent many years living with a pack of wolves at the edge
of Idaho's Sawtooth Wilderness, observing their complex social
The Last Wild Wolves
The Last Wild Wolves
Our Price: $49.95

Ghosts of the Rain Forest by Ian McAllister
"Ian McAllister has had the great fortune to witness an ecosystem of incredible mystery. I am grateful to him for his efforts to help preserve this unique landscape and read with great engagement of his experiences among a nation of wolves like no others."—Rick Bass, author of The New Wolves: The Return of the Mexican Wolf to the American Southwest and Caribou Rising: Defending the Porcupine Herd, Gwich-'in Culture, and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Wolves on the Hunt
Wolves on the Hunt
Our Price: $49.95

Wolves on the Hunt by L. David Mech, Douglas W. Smith and Daniel R. MacNulty.

The interactions between apex predators and their prey are some of the most awesome and meaningful in nature—displays of strength, endurance, and a deep coevolutionary history. And there is perhaps no apex predator more impressive and important in its hunting—or more infamous, more misjudged—than the wolf. Because of wolves’ habitat, speed, and general success at evading humans, researchers have faced great obstacles in studying their natural hunting behaviors. The first book to focus explicitly on wolf hunting of wild prey, Wolves on the Hunt seeks to fill these gaps in our knowledge and understanding.

Limited quantities available with L. David Mech's autograph!